New graduate studies (MSc, 2 years, 1170 h, 120 ECTS) *       


New master studies of Science and Technology at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University is opened in academic year 2015/16 by the Faculty of  Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.   In the framework of the studies of


held in English, the University will provide best quality teaching as well as close contact of students with the background knowledge and its practical applications. The best internationally recognized scientists of our Faculty belong to the teaching staff of this branch of studies. In addition, it is planned to invite known scientists from other institutes as visiting professors.


Graduates of bachelor or master studies in different branches of science or engineering could undertake the studies in the following specialities:

Material sciences and nanotechnology





Our students can make a part of the studies in other European universities using the Erasmus exchange program or in the Physics and Applied Physics Department of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with which an appropriate agreement is signed. 


After this two-years master studies our graduates can continue the studying as PhD students at the MCS University or elsewhere in Poland or abroad.  Each year the Nanyang Technological University offers a few PhD scholarships for our graduates.


Welcome to our University and follow the best tradition of our patron Maria Curie Skłodowska


   On-line registration:  (since March 31st,  2015)