Future employment of our students

For all students, there are common mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and technology core lectures. They study a common set of topics during three years. A useful transferable skill is the introductory computer programming. This is an essential tool for the student projects and an important skill for his/her future employer. Further optional lectures on various topics in quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular chemistry, nanosciences, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, chemistry and physics of surfaces as well as molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry will be given. A large fraction of student’s time is planned to be consumed on development of individual projects. The majority of students will find this an exciting and interesting aspect of their studies. In addition to the core curricula, students are taught the key skills required to perform modern state-of-the-art experiments. Skills include test and measurement, project planning, report writing, and presentation. Students will use and become familiar with a whole range of sophisticated equipment and associated software. Experiments will complement all core modules, giving a deep insight into functioning of the modern science.